Rickie B.'s Bio

Originally born in Southern California in '93, Rickie Darnell Bailey II (A.K.A. Rickie B.) was raised in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  Primarily a rapper & skilled music producer, Rickie B. is also a singer, songwriter and music engineer.  His style is a consistent blend of Hip Hop & R&B, showcasing lyricism and storytelling throughout.

Rickie B. got his start at the age of 17 with the help of Etymology the Team co founder Tiny G Beats.  His interest sparked due to his lack of interest in what radio had to offer.   In turn, he started producing his own beats and dropped his first mixtape "The Entree" a year later. Due to the response he received from his peers and the acknowledgement he received for not cursing in his music, he dropped another mixtape "The Appetizer" in 2012 and started developing a love for music that continues on today with his latest project soon to drop "Get Mine".

Rickie B. also is an entrepreneur, partnering up with Alive Shoes in 2019 to create his very own shoe line, and has turned Etymology the Team into a small label in hopes of helping independent artists get their start in music.  

Rickie B.'s main goal is to be able to change lives through the art of music and to teach people that perseverance always wins.  "When the beat comes on, of course you'll notice that, but really listen to what I'm saying and read between the lines of my music to gain a full understanding,"  His determination to be the best at his craft along with his purpose is the driving force behind his production. 


"If I can make it, you can too. When I do, I'll just smile, thank God and say ... You Know I Had To Do It To Em".

-Rickie B.