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The Free Sample

Rickie B.

After 4 long years without a body of work, Rickie B.'s fourth mixtape "The Free Sample" was worth every second. It is the final installment to the three part series that dates back to 2011s "The Entree" (& "The Appetizer" (2012) and brings full circle Rickie B.'s musical journey. This is by far his most creative and purpose driven body of work thus far and ultimately set a new standard for "Rickiebmusic".

He hits on nostalgic topics of Love and happiness in "Sweet Love" & "Open Road". Yet, he doesn't shy away from troubling topics of depression, racism and financial woes in "Stereotype", "Hear What I Gotta Say" & "Cold Case".

Though it is 18 tracks, "The Free Sample" sets the tone for a project that you can easily listen to straight through by adding in surprise occurrences of the beloved alter ego "Billy" and by capturing your mind through the pure sounds of nostalgia through rap.

Overall, the most important aspect to grasp from "The Free Sample" comes from the aspect of what it means to be free in life, free through his understanding of the role God plays in life and to cherish those around you that create a free spirit inside of you.

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